When we have the courage
to walk into our story and own it,
we get to write the ending.
~Brené Brown


My name is Melissa. I’m a recovering perfectionist/former CPA turned life and marriage coach, and I’m SO glad you found me!

Just a few years ago, I would describe myself as lost.

I had no idea who I truly was or what I wanted. I had spent my whole life looking around for everyone else to define me. My identity was tied to who I was in relation to others (wife, mother, daughter, employee). I let the world and society tell me the formula for a happy life and I chased after it. I did my best to be “good” at each of my roles but always felt like I fell short.

After twenty plus years of marriage with three kids, my life was a blur. I felt like I had been swept up in a cyclone, and like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, all I could do was hang on for dear life and watch it swirling all around with no idea where it was going to land.

I longed for peace and calm. I honestly believed that controlling my surroundings and everyone in my life was the answer. I ran myself ragged trying to be everything for everyone; carrying the weight of everyone’s physical, mental and emotional well-being on my shoulders. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep everyone happy. The pressure was too much and I became the tornado, tearing apart everything in my path. I stayed frustrated and angry. I took it out on my kids and my husband. The voice in my head was relentlessly brutal, constantly reminding me of my short-comings, and I had no peace.

I had to dig my heels in and figure out how to calm the storm inside of me before it was too late.

For years I would begin January by cutting out alcohol and eating a clean diet. I would start an exercise program of some kind and keep a gratitude journal. I’d make every effort to stay disciplined with these better habits. By March, it was all out the door and I was back to the same old habits that kept me feeling stuck. Then one year, I decided to detox my mind instead of my body. 

That was the year my life finally shifted.

I had no idea what life coaching was. I thought the only people that hired life coaches were high-level executives, not work-from-home moms. Thankfully, by the grace of God, I stumbled upon a life coach who taught me how to be at peace inside even when everything was swirling around me on the outside. I learned how to step outside of myself and see what was going on in my mind. I came to understand exactly why I was never able to maintain habits for longer than a month or two. And most importantly, I repaired broken relationships. By investing in my emotional and mental well-being, I began loving my life and everyone in it better, and I no longer feel lost. 

I walked into my story, owned it and began rewriting the ending. 

I became a certified coach in order to teach others the tools that changed everything for me. As a marriage coach, I’ve researched relationships, connection, conflict resolution and growth extensively and simplified it all down to a program that’s easy to navigate. I work with brave women who are ready to stop conforming to society’s ideas of what our lives and marriages should be. I get to help them experience deeper connections with themselves and those closest to them. 

If you’re ready to learn more about coaching, contact me today! I would be honored to help you get started!!